Cheapest & Fastest Sleep Test – $89

Don’t wait months for a test! Our team at Sleep Treatment Direct will assist you throughout the sleep testing process, from working with sleep providers to getting you tested to guiding you through the diagnostic process. We are here for you!

Insurance Approved!

Medicare Approved

We are the only office in Lee and Collier counties that provides oral appliance therapy, laser therapy, and other CPAP alternatives that takes medical insurance on assignment and are in network with Medicare.

Did you know a small, wearable device can track how well you sleep and whether you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? These budget-friendly, FDA-approved devices are designed to monitor your heart rate, your blood oxygen levels, your breathing patterns, and how long you sleep by using a sensor called photoplethysmography (PPG), which is worn on the finger and links to an app on your smartphone.

Sleep Treatment Direct is helping to treat OSA in patients by helping them get tested through rapid home-based sleep tests.

Why Choose Sleep Treatment Direct For Your At-Home Sleep Test?

We have one mission: to help you sleep better. To that end, we work with dedicated sleep testing providers to ensure you have access to the latest and most precise sleep diagnostic technology wherever you are.

  • Our dentists are certified experts in the field of sleep, guaranteeing you are in good hands.
  • The home sleep tests we use are top-of-the-line and 100% approved by the FDA.
  • We offer tests both before and after your treatment to measure the improvements in your sleep.
  • We are in-network and accept medical insurance, including Medicare! 
  • From initial consultation to your completed sleep test, can be less than a week!

How the Home Sleep Test Works

Get Your Home Sleep Test Kit

After your initial consultation with our team, we will guide you through the sleep testing process. suggest you take an in-home sleep test. Most of the time time, we can help get you tested in under a week!

Going Over Your Results

After your sleep test is completed, your results will be reviewed by a sleep provider, and a diagnosis and treatment plan will be created. 

Don’t Wait: Book Your Test Today

Get ready to take your sleep test now. Delaying could worsen your symptoms. Let’s get you back to sleeping great again!