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Dr. Steele DDS, FAGD


Dr. Gene Steele received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Detroit Mercy in 2000. For the last 14 years he has focused his practice on treating sleep disorders, headaches, and TMJ. There is a big correlation between the three. His focus is on addressing the root causes of sleep apnea by permanently growing the airway with non-surgical interventions. The other modalities only treat symptoms.

His mission is clear – to improve the health, life expectancy, and lives of his patients by helping them achieve quality restorative sleep. His continued commitment to learning the latest breakthroughs in sleep medicine allows him to get tremendous success for his patients. He also enjoys Longevity Health Coaching. Dr. Steele was misdiagnosed for over 15 years with narcolepsy and now makes it a life goal to ensure others get diagnosed properly.

Dr. Steele works with Physicians of all specialties to help maximize the success of his patients treatment. He participates in numerous sleep medicine industry events each year even speaking at some dental conferences. He spends some of his off time educating physicians offices on the alternatives to CPAP and the importance of screening every patient as 90% of those with sleep apnea are undiagnosed. Outside of the office, Dr. Steele spends time with his wife and friends. He also enjoys ballroom dancing, fitness, and running.

Dr. Eck


Dr. Fred Eck graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy dental school in 2000. He immediately moved back to Southwest Florida to begin his first practice. Dr. Eck from the beginning had a special interest in TMJ, facial pain, and headaches. In 2002 he began hiring associates so his practice could be a multispecialty practice and he could focus his clinical treatments on TMJ and sleep apnea. His father had a heart attack at a young age and while doing research as to what could be the cause, in hopes to prevent if from happening to himself, he discovered sleep apnea kept coming up as the likely cause.

Dr. Eck sold his dental practices and retired from dentistry in March 2022. His focus became educating physicians and dentist on sleep apnea. 90% of those with sleep apnea go undiagnosed based on the current screenings used. Dr. Eck himself went undiagnosed for many years and his mission now is to help change the medical and dental industries to insure those with sleep disorders are screened and diagnosed. In addition to being the director of education for sleep treatment direct inc., he lectures around the country on breathing disorders and revolutionary new treatment protocols.

When not trying to educate the world on sleep apnea Dr. Eck enjoys spending time with his son, golfing, and boating. As someone who loves to cook he could not resist in partnering in a food truck where he likes to make some guest appearances.

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