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Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Our precision appliances will treat even moderate and severe cases

 Do you or someone you know have sleep apnea? Did you know that oral appliance therapy is a main alternative to CPAP therapy? Oral appliance therapy is a successful and effective treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Custom fit for your needs, an oral sleep appliance can improve your sleep helping you to restore your alertness while revitalizing your health. Sleep Treatment Direct offers a variety of oral appliances for their sleep apnea patients. For obstructive sleep apnea disorders, oral appliance therapy can help keep the airway open while sleeping. Contact us at Sleep Treatment Direct to learn more about how oral appliance therapy can help you.

How does oral appliance therapy work?

Worn only while sleeping, patients with obstructive sleep apnea can wear dental appliances or oral appliances to help keep the airway open. A custom fit oral sleep appliance fits like an orthodontic retainer or mouth guard. Research has shown that oral appliance therapy has been a successful treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea or snoring. When used, dental or oral appliances help to prevent the tongue from falling back and blocking the throat and/or advance the lower jaw forward opening the airway.

If you are currently using CPAP therapy or have concerns with snoring or sleep apnea, contact Sleep Treatment Direct. Our qualified dentists will work with you and your sleep doctor to determine if oral sleep therapy is a good option for you.

Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy


easy to use and wear


Small and easy to transport


more comfortable than the CPAP mask


no bulky noisy machine

If you are experiencing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it is worth considering oral appliance therapy as a viable treatment to help you reclaim quality sleep. Many people associate sleep apnea with using a bulky CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine or undergoing surgery, but science has come a long way today.

At Sleep Treatment Direct, we collaborate with you to identify the most effective treatment for your OSA. While our main focus is on oral appliance therapy, we do not limit our solutions to just that. Our sleep medicine dentists are here to thoroughly evaluate your condition, offer the convenience of at-home testing, and work with you to either develop a personalized oral device or point you toward other fitting treatments.

What is Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)?

OAT is a reliable way to treat sleep apnea through dental devices that fit your mouth. Since they are less invasive and more user-friendly, oral appliances are a good choice for those who don’t want to use CPAP therapy.

There are two types of oral appliances we offer at Sleep Treatment Direct to treat OSA:

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

The MAD fits in your mouth and gently moves your lower jaw forward. This might sound a bit odd, but it is actually a clever trick to help with breathing at night.

When you sleep, the muscles in your throat relax. For some people, this can cause the airway to become narrow or even close up – which not only makes breathing difficult but also contributes to snoring. By moving your jaw forward, the MAD helps keep this airway open. Think of it like propping open a door so it does not shut.

Sleep apnea causes you to experience pauses in breathing or shallow breathing while you sleep. A mandibular advancement appliance can help prevent these pauses, so a) you receive a more restful sleep, and b) your body gets more oxygen when asleep, increasing your daytime energy and performance.

Epigenetic Appliances (Homeoblock™)

Another option is the Homeoblock™ appliance, which works on widening your dental arches, i.e., it can help create more space within your mouth to better align your teeth. It helps develop your jaw and airway by giving more room for your tongue and using minimal contact in the back of your mouth to encourage your body’s natural balance. This translates into easier breathing and reduced snoring or sleep-related breathing problems.

The Homeoblock™ also promotes a more balanced cranial structure. If there is unevenness or tension in how your skull bones connect, it can make your face look asymmetrical. Our epigenetic appliances can fix that.

Why Choose Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral devices are a practical treatment choice for people with mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea or those who find CPAP therapy hard to handle or are looking for an alternative to CPAP machines.

These made-to-order appliances aim to ease OSA’s symptoms and are particularly helpful in the following situations:

When CPAP Doesn’t Work for You

If you are struggling with CPAP therapy, maybe because of discomfort from the mask, feeling claustrophobic, or not adapting well to the air pressure, oral devices are an effective option.

Some people don’t want to use a CPAP because of the increasing safety concerns and resulting recalls. There have been reports of adverse incidents where the device malfunctioned, resulting in hazards, airway blockages, and the release of harmful particles. You can avoid these issues with a handy, no-hassle oral device.

You Have Other Conditions

These devices can also work if – in addition to sleep apnea – you have bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching), TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction), or TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). They can help manage these issues while treating your apnea, improving your overall oral health.

You Have Mild or Moderate Sleep Apnea

Oral devices work well for many people with moderate sleep apnea. But remember, if you are experiencing severe symptoms, you might need a mix of different treatments or even surgery.

You Want an Affordable Treatment

Most health insurance plans cover oral appliance therapy because it is medically necessary. Insurance providers recognize that sleep apnea can have serious health consequences if left untreated, so you have a number of options to finance the device. Make sure to check with your provider about the specifics.

You Want to Avoid Surgery

If you hope to not go under the knife for your sleep apnea, an oral device might be the right path.

Sleep Treatment Direct: Oral Appliances That Work

Whether you get a mandibular advancement device or any other type of dental device from us:

  • It has the FDA’s stamp of approval, showing it is both effective and safe.
  • It is made from high-quality medical-grade materials and thus, can last around five years before you need a new one.
  • It can alleviate most of your apnea symptoms such as snoring, moodiness, and daytime fatigue.
  • It does not need to be “plugged in”, unlike CPAP machines.
  • It is specifically made to fit YOUR dental structure, a step up from something you might buy online or at a store.
  • It can help tackle the underlying cause of sleep apnea, not just the symptoms.

All you need to do is book an appointment with our dentist and undergo an assessment to see whether an oral device is a suitable option for you. We will also schedule a home sleep test for you as well. Based on its results, along with your medical history and what you hope to achieve, you can get an oral device made just for you.

If you have any questions about the home sleep test, follow-up care, or device maintenance, call (239) 256-3463 or request a call via our contact form. Our office is conveniently located in Bonita Springs, Florida, and the initial consultation is absolutely free.