DOT Compliance

Say goodbye to roadside fatigue and protect what matters

At Sleep Treatment Direct, we help commercial motor vehicle drivers with sleep apnea get treated and stay safe on the roads. We help you take an at-home sleep test without having to visit a hospital or sleep lab to save you time and simplify your schedule. You can take this test comfortably at home and expect to get the results fast! 

If you test positive for obstructive sleep apnea, we will create a personalized treatment plan with a custom-made oral appliance to help manage your symptoms, meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, and maintain your driving qualifications.

Our oral appliances come with a tracker that makes monitoring your compliance easy and keeps you on track with your treatment targets so that you can drive safely.

Insurance Approved!

Medicare Approved

We are the only office in Lee and Collier counties that provides oral appliance therapy, laser therapy, and other CPAP alternatives that takes medical insurance on assignment and are in network with Medicare.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common condition among commercial drivers and other employees in the transportation industry. If you drive trucks, buses, trains, planes, or boats and feel extremely tired during the day, which can cause you to be less alert on the job, sleep apnea could very well be the culprit. According to the American Transportation Research Institute and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), around 28% of commercial truck drivers suffer from varying degrees of sleep apnea.

Not treating this sleep disorder poses countless risks to drivers as well as the general public:

  • Greater driving errors and risk of accidents due to fatigue
  • Poor night vision from being overtired
  • Sleep loss slows down reaction times
  • Constant tiredness and stress from poor sleep increases the risk of chronic issues
  • Lack of focus lowers driving performance
  • High risk of dozing off at stoplights
  • Harder to manage complex driving situations
  • The risk of stroke and heart problems is increased
  • Weak immune system from not sleeping well

At Sleep Treatment Direct, we recognize that trying to manage sleep apnea on your own can seem overwhelming because you know you will need to make significant changes to your lifestyle and keep a closer eye on your sleep health. This is easier said than done when your job involves spending most of your days on the road, behind the wheel. But that is what we are here for. Every step you take towards managing your sleep apnea at Sleep Treatment Direct is a step towards safer roads and better health.

Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

We provide proven solutions for sleep apnea that address every single one of your symptoms:

  • Frequent, loud snoring
  • Choking and gasping for air during sleep
  • Pauses in breathing (noticeable by others while you sleep)
  • Feeling drained and sluggish during the day
  • Migraines after waking up
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat
  • Struggling to concentrate on your tasks
  • Feeling unusually irritable or moody
  • Waking up often to urinate
  • Persistently elevated blood pressure levels
  • Reduced interest in intimacy and sexual activities

Your treatment plan at Sleep Treatment Direct is designed to treat the root of your sleep disorder. This condition is unique because not every patient responds to the same treatment; it depends on the cause of their sleep apnea and how comfortable they are with a particular therapy. We take the time to physically examine your oral structures (jaw, tongue, teeth, uvula, and throat tissues) to determine if there are any structural issues affecting your breathing and upper airway and recommend targeted treatments based on our findings.

How DOT Compliance Works in the Case of Sleep Apnea

A survey of more than 3,600 commercial drivers found that those with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who did not continue their treatment were found to be five times more likely to cause “preventable crashes” compared to those without the condition. Protecting both the driver and other road users is the biggest reason why DOT drivers are required to follow their treatment plan without fail.

Healthcare professionals monitor the drivers’ treatment adherence by analyzing the data from their CPAP devices or trackable oral appliances. This data is then used to understand how well drivers manage their condition.

Our Services for DOT Drivers

Sleep Treatment Direct provides less-intrusive alternatives to CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines for managing sleep apnea. As a commercial driver, we understand that you may have irregular sleep schedules or not always have the opportunity to use the CPAP machine during short breaks. You need a treatment that you can use every night with no inconvenience. We have options that might just be the perfect fit.

Home Sleep Testing

We will arrange for you to take a sleep test through our trusted partners. The test tracks your sleep patterns and identifies the presence and severity of sleep apnea. Thus, you get all the insights you need about your sleep behavior without having to visit a sleep lab or hospital.

Oral Appliances

Our made-to-order oral appliances help you stop snoring and manage sleep apnea from day one. They gently adjust the position of your tongue and jaw to keep your upper airway open throughout sleep. Designed to fit in your mouth like a sports guard, the appliance makes breathing easier so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the road.

Laser Therapy

If snoring or sleep apnea is making your long drives even longer, our laser therapy could be just what you need. It is a quick treatment to tighten up those dangling tissues in your throat that are preventing you from breathing properly. There is no fuss, no surgery, and no hospital stays—just uninterrupted sleep so you can stay sharp for the next drive.

Your Key to Peak Performance: Oral Appliance Therapy at Sleep Treatment Direct

As a commercial driver, your sleep is directly linked to your health, earning potential, and the safety of everyone you share the road with. Having sleep apnea does not have to put a stop to your career. Sleep Treatment Direct helps drivers with sleep apnea stay compliant with their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with appropriate treatment and monitoring. Take this free sleep apnea screener to get started.