Epigenetic Appliances

This is the secret weapon that most do not know about in the treatment of sleep disorders.  The Homeoblock appliance treatment is a non surgical holistic biological approach to fixing the root cause of sleep apnea.


Often times there are physical or anatomical factors contributing to the sleep apnea and snoring. When these are present it is important for them to be addressed for the successful treatment of your sleep disorder. Most treatments including CPap, Inspire sleep implant, and dental appliances such as mandibular advancement devices will fail if these contributing factors are not dealt with.

Homeoblock appliance develops the facial bones and airway resulting in strengthening of the facial muscles. Promotes nasal breathing critical for correcting sleep disorders . promotes proper tongue posture important in developing nasal breathing and getting the tongue out of the airway space. When facial development does not reach its potential there can be many causes including :

1. Soft diet

2. Nasal congestion

3. Chronic mouth breathing

4. Poor oral posture

5. TMJ

These create narrow arches, underdeveloped airways and not enough room for the tongue.

What is Epigenetics?

If something alters the way you grow this is the concept of epigenetics. We are not genetically programmed to have narrow airways, narrow palates, bad bites etc.. Something while you were still growing caused these issues to happen. What we do at Sleep Treatment Direct is determine what is causing your sleep apnea and correcting it with no surgeries.

Examples of Epigenetic Changes