Insurance Approved!

Medicare Approved

We are the only office in Lee and Collier counties that provides oral appliance therapy, laser therapy, and other CPAP alternatives that takes medical insurance on assignment and are in network with Medicare.

Dr. Steele and Jessica are a great team of knowledgeable people with regard to treating sleep therapy. Very friendly and patient in explaining the situation and treatment. My only regret is not coming here much much sooner before spending thousands elsewhere that only masked the problem or did not work. If you are suffering from sleep disorders related to snoring, apnea or any other obstructive breathing look no further they are the best.

Rocco L


Dr. Steele and Jessica are great! They are so knowledgable and friendly! Dr. Eck was very impressive with his review of my sleep test. Heather is also another friendly person I interacted with. The new mouth appliance is much better to me than the mask. I feel very comfortable with them and look forward to continuing my sleep study treatment!

Randie Fox


Very professional

Michael Krassner


Wonderful experience.

Allison Donovan


I attended a seminar at Ruth Chris last d spring and decided to try the oral device as an option to my CPAP. I tolerated the CPAP without any problems, but I travel a lot and it is a hassle to carry it on planes. It would often slip off during the night or leave indentations in my hair that I didn’t like. (Makes for a bad hair day!) I went to the Sleep Lab and Dr. Steele performed an exam and X-rays. I took home 2 sleep apnea study kits and went back for the results. All that showed that my CPAP was not really working as well as I thought. I was still having periods of sleep apnea, so I decided to try the oral device. I got fitted for my oral device and waited for it to be made to fit my mouth. I was excited to get rid of my CPAP machine! I have been using my oral device for several months now. I go into the office for adjustments every few weeks. I have not had any discomfort during this entire process. Dr. Steele is wonderful to work with! Jessica, his assistant, is also a gem! She makes all my visits a friendly and positive experience. I highly recommend Dr. Steele if you are looking for a way to get rid of your CPAP machine and get a better result for your sleep apnea! What do you have to lose? Give it a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Sharon Dunnagan


Very quick but will spend time if needed. Friendly, helpful, and welcoming.

Joan Starr


I want to stop snoring please help!!

Richard Hart


Debbie Ravener